Military / Defense

The military market is known for high mix-low volume applications, as well as boards that are non-traditional in their shape and design. PVA's machine flexibility, and patented 4-axis option, has made them a valuable partner in the military market.

For military/defense applications, it is extremely crucial to utilize conformal coatings. Every plane, communication tool, and navigation system requires conformal coatings. Although these applications are often lower volume, automation is often preferred due to the cost of the assemblies and the quality, accuracy, and reliability required.

Common applications
• Selective Spray Coating
• Sophisticated electronic controls
• Remote activation and control systems
• Satellite systems
• Navigation and communication systems
• Potting of controls to protect from harsh environments
• Gasketing / Bead Dispensing
• Sealing board packaging and control boxes
• Gluing control panel components


Selective Conformal Coating Systems

Automated Dispensing

Inline Curing Ovens

Board Handling

Valve Controllers

Coating & Dispensing Options

Programming Software