Tuesday, Nov 22, 2011

PVA’s New Portal Software Upgrade Adds Flexibility, More Feedback and Ease of Use

PVA has released a Portal Software upgrade to the operator interface for PC based coating and general dispensing machines. The improvements include features that provide more feedback, flexibility, and aesthetic enhancements.

Showcased at Productronica 2011 on the PVA650 and New PVA6000 Selective Coating / Dispensing Systems, the new Portal software includes the following features:

Visual fluid level indicator for each reservoir
Vision Components
Cluster Gauges Module
     o    8 Graphic Channels to give feedback on machine/process (air pressure, material pressure,
           temperature, motor torque, etc.)

Temperature Module
     o    8 Channel Temperature Controller Interface to provide access to temperature readings and set
           points through software front end.

Setup Tree Module
     o    A configuration tool used in Setup Mode that gives access to machine settings in a familiar tree
           (parent Node, Child Node) layout similar to Windows® Explorer.

Compatible with Windows 7, 64 bit.
Vision Components
Front End Aesthetics
     o    The Portal front end has design modifications to provide a more modern look and feel. Several
           of the buttons have been updated and now feature icon/text as opposed to plain text.

Lastly, transparent to the user, is additional flexibility built into the software that will allow PVA to add components in the future. These components may be developed as part of the standard software package, as well as custom components that customers may require specific to their own applications.

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