Meter Mix Dispensing Equipment

PVA's 2-part and multi-component meter-mix and dispensing solutions accurately apply adhesives and sealants. Configurations are available for integration onto your robotics or for handheld operation.

4 Questions

 Getting Started in Meter Mix
  Getting Started in Meter Mix
Not sure where to start with your meter mix process? Here are 4 Questions to get you started:

Meter Mix Systems

MX4000 Gear Pump Meter Mix Systems
MX4000  Gear Pump Meter Mix Systems
PVA’s MX4000 Series Gear Pump Systems are an ideal choice for most non-abrasive meter-mix dispensing applications.
MX1000 / MX1500 Rod Displacement Meter Mix Systems
MX1000 / MX1500  Rod Displacement Meter Mix Systems
PVA’s MX1000 and MX1500 series rod displacement systems are ideal choices for meter-mix dispensing applications using heavily filled, abrasive materials. The rod displacement design eliminates metal to metal contact and does not contain wearable dynamic seals.
PV202K-TCM Cartridge Drive System
PV202K-TCM  Cartridge Drive System
The PV202K-TCM Cartridge Drive System is a cost effective meter mix system for dispensing two component thermally conductive materials that contain abrasive fillers.

Mixing Valves and Accessories

PC200 Plural Component Mixing Valve
PC200  Plural Component Mixing Valve
The PC200 is ideal for any plural component bead, dot, potting, or encapsulation project.
PVA Static Mixers
PVA  Static Mixers
PVA static mixers are ideal for any plural component dispensing application.
PVA Dynamic Mixers
PVA  Dynamic Mixers
Available in Stepped or Luer Lock.
PVA Aluminum Jackets and Accessories
PVA  Aluminum Jackets and Accessories
Find Aluminum Jackets, Ratio Caps, Lock Nuts, Night Caps, and Barb Fittings for Ratio Caps.