FC100-CF Non-Atomized Film Coating Valve

Selective Conformal Coating Valves


Non-Atomized Film Coating Valve

The FC100-CF film coating valve produces a sharp, non-atomized stream of low viscosity fluids and coatings. The resulting precise application process is ideal for solvent based chemistries requiring wet film builds of at least 0.008”.

FC100-CF Non-Atomized Film Coating Valve Spec Sheet

The FC100-CF is compatible with all PVA selective coating platforms including the Delta 6, PVA350, PVA6000, and PVA2000.

The FC100-CF has many integrated features including:

  • Non-atomized coating process with superior edge definition
  • 99% material transfer efficiency
  • Interchangeable film coat nozzles for variable flow rates
  • Micrometer flow adjustment with lock ring
  • Rapid coating speeds up to 500 mm (19.7") / second
  • Stainless steel fluid body for superior material compatibility
  • Divorced valve design prevents material contamination of the air body



174 mm x 19 mm x 19 mm
(6.86" x 0.75" x 0.75")

6 oz

Coating Process Speed
Up to 500 mm/sec (19.7 in/sec)

Pattern Width
8-12 mm

Viscosity Range
1 cps – 100 cps

Operating Air Pressure
60 – 100 psi

Maximum Inlet Fluid Pressure
3500 psi

Wetted Components
Stainless steel, Teflon®, Kalrez®

PVA also offers the following Spare Parts Kit for your dispensing application:

FC100-CF Spare Parts Kit