Surface Mount Adhesive

The Delta 6 features our patented servo-driven ball screw gantry systems with micron level encoder feedback for speed and accuracy. For medium to high throughput demands.

Dispensing Systems

Delta 6 Selective Coating / Dispensing System
Delta 6  Selective Coating / Dispensing System
The Delta 6 is a new, re-imagined flexible robotic conformal coating/dispensing system that is ideal for SMT applications, selective coating, potting, bead, and meter-mix dispensing applications.

Dispensing Valves

FC100-MC Stainless Steel Dispensing Valve
FC100-MC  Stainless Steel Dispensing Valve
The FC100-MC is a versatile dispensing valve for single-component bead, dot, potting, or encapsulation projects. Micrometer flow adjustment makes fine tuning your process easy.
FCM100 Non-Contact Micro Dispensing Valve
FCM100  Non-Contact Micro Dispensing Valve
The FCM100 is ideal for any low viscosity underfill, encapsulant, conformal coating, and micro dot or bead dispensing project.
SVX Servo-Controlled Auger Valve
SVX  Servo-Controlled Auger Valve
The SVX Auger Valve is designed for processing micro volumes of material in precise, repeatable patterns and can dispense dots as small as 0.005" in diameter*.