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PVA Director of Global Applications Engineering to Host SMTA Carolinas Chapter Webinar

Cohoes, NY – May 2021 – PVA, a global supplier of automated dispensing and coating equipment, is pleased to announce that Jon Urquhart, Director of Global Applications Engineering, will host the upcoming SMTA Carolinas Chapter Webinar. The free webinar entitled, “Modern Conformal Coating Equipment, Techniques & Process Issues” will take place on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, at 12 p.m. EST.

The conformal coating process has evolved greatly from the days of hand masking electronic assemblies and placing them into high-pressure spray booths and dip tanks to apply liquid coatings. Machine developments have provided the ability to use multiple applicators, and sometimes multiple fluids, to meet the target result.

As coating equipment became more sophisticated, so have the circuitry designs which have created tighter coating requirements and smaller process windows. The fluids used for coating and masking have also developed and have enabled the use of new process techniques not typically employed in conformal coating. Not all end users have the same requirements, defining the end goal of a conformal coating process and understanding the equipment capability with various application techniques will be discussed plus additional tips on identifying process issues.

Urquhart has been PVA’s senior application engineer since 1993 and specializes in the processing of fluid materials in a production environment, often collaborating with material manufacturers and end-users alike to optimize their process and recommend efficient automated equipment and application solutions. Urquhart currently holds numerous patents for spray valve designs and coating machine configurations and is a renowned expert in the selective application of conformal coating materials with more than 25 years of applicable experience.

Register today at or on the SMTA Carolinas Chapter site. The event is free to SMTA Members with a valid membership number.

For more information about PVA, please contact PVA at or (518) 371-2684.