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FC300 Series

High Flow Stainless Steel Needle Valve 

The FC300 is a versatile high flow dispensing valve for any single component bead, dot, potting, or encapsulation project. Featuring a lightweight, compact design, the FC300 is perfect for both automated and handheld processes in which a high volume of material is dispensed. 

The FC300 has many integrated features including: 

  • Divorced valve design prevents material contamination of the air section 
  • Stainless steel fluid body for superior material compatibility 
  • 1/4” NPT fluid port allows higher flow rates 
  • Adjustable flow control 
  • Spring-assisted valve closure for reliable cycle stops 
  • Compatible with all Luer-Lok™ needle tips 



Stainless Steel – Front Closing High Pressure Valve, High Flow, Micrometer 

Building on the features of the FC300, the FC300-MC also includes: 

  • Micrometer flow adjustment with lock ring 



Stainless Steel/Carbide Needle Valve 

Building on the features of the FC300, the FC300-C also includes: 

  • Carbide wetted parts for reliable processing of filled materials