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FCC150 Series

High Flow Dispense Valve

The Front Closing Carbide valve family offers high pressure, no-drip shut off for a wide variety of applications. A short stroke length allows for immediate on and off control of material dispense. Tungsten carbide sealing components provide extended life in adverse abrasive dispensing applications. An unrestricted internal design allows for the free flow of high viscosity fluids.

Highly customizable, the FCC Series valve offers a number of configurations that can be tailored to fit every manufacturing process. Many of these configuration options are kept in stock for easy ordering and swift delivery.

Available options and integrated features include:

  • Tungsten carbide tipped sealing rod and seat 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Assembly drawings and spare parts kits available upon request 
  • Variety of outlet manifolds and nozzles available 
  • Machined face with locating holes for dowel pins 
  • Available in stainless steel or aluminum construction