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FCS300 Series

Stainless Steel Spray Valve

The FCS300 spray valve provides a repeatable, concentrated coating film in circular pattern widths ranging from 0.25 in to over 2 in. The atomized spray process resulting from the FCS300 will produce conical (round cap) or fan-shaped (flat cap) patterns with transfer efficiencies in excess of 99%. The FCS300 features a micrometer flow adjustment that makes fine tuning your process easier than ever.

The FCS300 has many integrated features including: 

  • Low pressure, low volume atomized process 
  • 300 series stainless steel fluid body for superior material compatibility  
  • Interchangeable spray cap offers fan and oval-shaped patterns 
  • Micrometer flow adjustment with lock nut 
  • Divorced valve design prevents material contamination of the air section 
  • Compatible with all commercially available conformal coatings 
  • Wide viscosity range offers versatility for virtually any spray application 

Also available for purchase is the FCS300-F & FCS300-R Spare Parts Kit which includes all the necessary replacement parts for your valve.