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Jet Dispense Valve

The JDX Jet Dispense Valve is an extremely fast, non-contact jet dispenser that precisely dispenses viscosities up to 400,000 cps, while its unique diaphragm design saves time and money.

With the JDX, even difficult to work with fluids can be precisely dispensed in volumes as small as 10 nanoliters (nl). In addition, it can apply multiple drops-per-location at a speed up to 300 drops/sec. The drops can be dispensed into areas with clearance as small as 300μm. The JDX offers unparalleled repeatability, and with no z-axis movement to slow the valve down, it can move swiftly and easily to jet into even awkward, hard to reach areas.

Many of the benefits of this valve are tied to its unique diaphragm design that allows fast cycle rates due to its very small mass. This distinctive design features a single, easily replaceable diaphragm that eliminates the dynamic fluid seals, common in other jets, and the need to remove the jet from the robot, clean and replace worn seals. The JDX dispenses a wide range of fluids such as underfill, coatings, adhesives, epoxies and lubricants for micro coating, medical device, LED assembly, underfill, and die bonding.

The JDX has many benefits and features including:

  • Drops as small as 10 nl 
  • True non-contact jet dispense 
  • Dispenses up to 300 drops/second 
  • Accommodates single shot or continuous mode 
  • Handles viscosities up to 400K cps 
  • Only two wetted components 
  • Easy to use and clean 
  • Includes integrated fluid heater with minimal fluid heated 
  • Features Tungsten carbide internal components for long life