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Progressive Cavity Pump

The PCP Series of progressive cavity pumps bring superior volumetric accuracy to your most demanding dispensing applications. Progressive cavity pumps feature a machined rotor that couples with a rubberized seal to assure drip-free operation with a wide range of viscous chemistries. Each servo-controlled rotor displaces a fixed volume of material per revolution. This true positive displacement process assures consistent volume regardless of slight material variations.

The PCP Series features five different rotor sizes allowing the end user to select their ideal flow rate. An optional carbide rotor allows processing of filled or abrasive chemistries while extending the life of the rotor.

The PCP Series has many additional integrated features including:

  • Programmable flow rate for a customized dispensing process 
  • High precision dosing within ±1% 
  • Continuous dispensing process for efficient operation and no refilling 
  • Self-sealing operation prevents dripping 
  • Optional carbide rotor 
  • Luer Lock outlet connection