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Servo Controller

The SVC100 Controller is a pneumatically and electrically operated bench top shot timer used to operate the SV100 or SV200 dispense valve. The SVC100 Servo Controller provides customized valve settings for handheld or automated applications. It operates the valve with programming of the motor speed to the dispense valve, air pressure to the prepackaged syringe, and a variable auger reverse time for clean cycle stops. It is equipped with a foot pedal for handheld processes.

This shot timer features an adjustable pressure regulator with an internal air solenoid valve and DC servo drive capable of cycling PVA’s line of auger style dispensing valves. The digital display allows an operator to set the motor speed, and reverse time to control the dispense rate along with suck back. Two operating modes including manual or timed activation to achieve repeatable valve o pen times with the ability to adjust the timer down to three decimal places of a second.