In an effort to bridge the gap between robotics and formulation, PVA has become an authorized distributor of Momentive Performance Materials. This partnership will provide customers with a one-stop shopping experience and a more efficient manufacturing process.

PVA offers Momentive’s extensive line of high-performance silicones, including:

  • Fast-tack silicone conformal coatings
  • Silicone optically clear resins and adhesives
  • RTV silicone adhesives and sealants for excellent adhesion and bond strength
  • Thermal management silicones for high thermal conductivity
  • Silicone potting and encapsulation for one and two-part dielectric materials

Why Buy from PVA?

  • A single source for equipment, chemistry, consumables, and service
  • Advanced process optimization and regional applications support
  • Partners trained to take the guesswork out of your dispensing and coating process

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