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Advantages of Boosting the Flexibility of Your Work Cell: Pro Tip #22

PVA Pro Tip #22: Boost Your Manufacturing Efficiency

Automate Complex Assemblies Easily

Maximizing the return on your capital investment is an easy way to make you a manufacturing pro. Boosting the flexibility of your work cell can give you a competitive edge and inexpensively accelerate your return on investment. 

Greater motion flexibility permits access to difficult to reach areas assuring you can bring automation to even your most complex assemblies. 

PVA’s new motorized valve tilt can be used in combination with our servo controlled 4-axis rotation motion to angle your application head anywhere plus or minus 50 degrees. 

Configuring your dispensing or coating cell to accommodate multiple applications or chemistries is an affordable way to significantly increase equipment utilization.  Quickly exchange active application heads with our new automatic tool changer where multiple valves can be utilized without negatively impacting your usable work area. 

For more information on PVA’s flexible motion options and how they can improve your dispensing or coating process, contact us today and let us help make you a pro.