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Automated Systems ROI: Pro Tip #12

PVA Pro Tip #12: Total Cost of Ownership in Conformal Coating Automation

Beyond the Price Tag

When considering the purchase of an automated conformal coating system, look beyond just the initial capital investment. Evaluate what improvements automation will bring to your process. Manual coating processes such as brushing, dipping, and hand spraying all have throughput limitations. They also tend to result in excessive material waste and added product handling. 

Consider the total cost of ownership when implementing an automated solution. This will include obvious costs such as the equipment price, but also several factors that receive less consideration. Power consumption, routine maintenance, and training are just a few. 

Installing an automated system should allow you to realize immediate returns such as masking labor reduction, increased throughput, higher quality resulting in a reduction in defects, and significantly lowering material waste. 

For more information on how automating your conformal coating process can result in real savings, contact PVA today and let us help make you a pro.