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Coating and Micro Shot Epoxy Potting Case Study



Computrol, Inc.
A world class provider of mid-to low volume, high-mix electronic services to OEMs.


Perform Coating and Potting Without Purchasing More Than One Piece of Equipment

Computrol, Inc., a world-class provider of mid- to low-volume, high-mix electronic manufacturing services to OEMs received a new product that required selective conformal coating to be applied to specific areas of PCAs (printed circuit assemblies). However, these boards also had a small, one-part material potting application.

The challenge of the potting application was that it required a 0.0522cc repeatable shot size and critical area displacement. The conundrum was Computrol did not want to buy a machine just for that potting application, however, they knew due to its critical shot size resolution that they could not apply it manually.



  • PVA650 Selective Coating / Dispensing System
  • PVA-Camera Programming Camera
  • FCS300-ES Spray Valve (for coating – shown above)
  • FC100 Needle Valve (for coating)
  • MV500 Positive displacement valve (for potting material – shown above)
  • Needle Calibration (to avoid dispensing head offsets)
  • Chain Conveyor with Pin Locators to stabilize PCB pallet
  • 10 Gallon pressure tank with low level sensor for coating material
  • 5 gal pail pump with low level proximity sensors for high viscosity potting material


Conformal Coating + Micro Shot Epoxy Potting in One Work Cell

PVA advised using a machine with dual functionality: coating + potting. Specifically, the PVA650 Selective Coating / Dispensing System was recommended to perform both applications in one work cell.

In line with Computrol’s requirements, PVA designed a unique system that is a hybrid for applications: conformal coating + micro shot epoxy potting. This specific PVA650 uses the FCS300-ES Spray Valve for coating, and FC100 Needle Valve for detailed edge definition. In addition, an MV500 Positive Displacement Metering Valve is used for the micro potting application.

For future projects, with the PVA650, Computrol has a completely customizable process. The PVA650 offers a variety of valve mount configurations to apply multiple materials and/or process multiple assemblies simultaneously.


With the new system, Computrol saved valuable time and increased accuracy, repeatability and throughput. “The addition of the PVA650 machine will greatly reduce the amount of prep time required for conformal coating PCAs. It also will add consistency and repeatability between PCAs and work orders, resulting in tremendous time savings in the long run. This will allow us to increase throughput and get finished product into our customers’ hands quicker,” commented James Spencer, Manufacturing Process Engineer for Computrol.