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PVA to Showcase PathMaster X at APEX – Redefining Precision and Control in Production

Halfmoon, NY – March 2024 – PVA, a global supplier of automated dispensing and coating equipment, participation in the 2024 IPC APEX EXPO, where the company will unveil its revolutionary PathMaster X programming software. This innovative software is meticulously crafted for PVA’s Direct Series Delta line, offering advanced capabilities and a fully customizable platform tailored to production requirements.

PathMaster X: A Leap Forward in Software Technology
PathMaster X represents a significant step forward in software technology. It is exclusively tailored for PVA’s Direct Series Delta 6 and Delta 8 Automated Conformal Coating and Dispensing Systems, providing manufacturers with enhanced control, precision, and efficiency in their production processes. This state-of-the-art software introduces a range of advanced features, a unified programming and production environment, and tools to streamline programming for conformal coating, dispensing, and custom applications.

PathMaster X introduces a gaming-style machine pendant and a modern touch-screen monitor, offering users an intuitive control experience for their Direct Series Delta systems. The updated monitor boasts a user-friendly interface with touch screen capabilities, streamlining operations by consolidating all controls within the device. This forward-thinking approach enhances efficiency and user experience.

PathMaster X empowers users with enhanced offline programming capabilities, allowing them to program from anywhere at any time. The software seamlessly combines the features and functions of PVA Portal and PathMaster into a single, streamlined application. This integration simplifies the workflow by enabling users to control all machine functions and programs in one place. The configurable workspace accommodates a variety of applications, from conformal coating to dispensing and custom processes.

Live Demonstrations at IPC APEX EXPO
In addition to the PathMaster X, PVA will showcase a range of its innovative equipment during live demonstrations at the expo. Visitors can witness the following equipment in action:

  • Delta 8 3-axis SMT machine with fiducial camera, laser height sensor, needle calibration, JDX, SVX-H, and FC100
  • Delta 8 tool changer with FC100, FCS300-ES, 30 CC syringe with stopcock, and FCM100
  • Delta 8 dispense machine with fiducial camera, SB300-C with High Pressure Hose, FC100 with 30 cc syringe with PathMaster X
  • Delta 8 4-axis coating machine with fiducial camera, ES Ultra Fine, FCM100, and FC100-CF with PathMaster X
  • Valve Kiosk Stand

The spotlight of the showcase will be on PVA’s Delta 8 Selective Conformal Coating machine, a hallmark of the company’s expertise. Precision, efficiency, and versatility are central to the Delta 8’s design, aiming to meet the diverse needs of manufacturers seeking superior results in dispensing and coating applications.

For more information about PVA, please contact PVA at or (518) 371-2684.