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Trolley Systems: Pro Tip #16

PVA Pro Tip #16: Efficient Automation Solutions for Handling Large Substrates

Optimizing Production Flow

Safe handling of large, heavy substrates between production cells is a key consideration when planning automation. Automotive battery packs, wireless network servers, switching stations, and aerospace modules are prime examples of large-scale products that still require conformal coating, potting, gasketing, and thermal interface materials applied. Conventional handling methods such as manually loading fixtures or transporting on a conveyor can be challenging for large products. 

PVA’s flexible and ergonomic pass through option allows a trolley to be loaded directly into the robot’s work area and locked into place. The trolley acts as the workpiece fixture and prevents the operator from handling oversized substrates. You can also fully automate your part handling by integrating an automated guided vehicle for a completely hands off process. 

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