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PathMaster X is the next generation of programming software designed exclusively for PVA’s Direct Series line.

This Windows-based software offers more control and capability than ever with upgraded technology, enhanced programming features, an all-in-one programming and production environment, and a completely customizable platform that can be tailored to your production requirements.

PathMaster X gives you the tools to create a configurable workspace for all of your conformal coating, dispensing, or custom application needs.

Sophisticated Technology for Modern Manufacturing - X-PAD Controller and Touch Screen Monitor

Take control of your machine with the PVA X-Pad, a multi-function machine pendant with button customization and optional on-screen virtual control. PathMaster X also features an updated touch-screen monitor. These modern upgrades are all embedded within one device which will eliminate the need to toggle between software and controller.

Advanced Offline Programming with Drag and Drop and Customized Overlays

PathMaster X's enhanced online and offline programming gives users the freedom to program from anywhere. With the ability to drag-and-drop into the program or onto the canvas along with customized overlays for nozzle size and pattern width, programming has never been easier.

Integrated Programming and Production Environments

PathMaster X includes all the features and functions of PVA Portal and PathMaster in one streamlined application. From PathMaster X you can control all the machine functions and programs in one place for a simplified workflow, offering a configurable workspace for conformal coating, dispensing, and custom applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which machines is PathMaster X available on?
    • Currently, PathMaster X is available on any Direct Series Delta 6 and Delta 8 platform. The Direct Series is a standard machine that offers a limited selection of conformal coating and dispensing options to accommodate shorter lead times.
    • If you are unsure if your platform is eligible, send your serial number(s) to your Regional Sales Manager or
  • Will all upcoming machines include PathMaster X?
    • No. Customers will have the option of whether they would like the new PathMaster X or the current PathMaster version.
  • Will PathMaster and PVA Portal still be supported?
    • Existing PathMaster and Portal will continue to be supported.
  • Is there any deadline that all machines need to upgrade to PathMaster X?
    • There is no current plan to force customers to switch to PathMaster X. While we believe PathMaster X is extremely powerful and will help you maximize the capability of your robot, we understand that some customers may love the current version and not want to change.
  • What will it cost to upgrade to PathMaster X on my current machine?
    • The cost will depend on your current machine configuration. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager or for more information.
  • Is there a price difference between PathMaster and PathMaster X?
    • There is no price difference.


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