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Optical Bonding Series

Delta Bond series equipment is suitable for all steps in the optical bonding process. This includes precision dispense, fill, image corrected pick and place, and bonding of optical devices. It is an ideal solution for use with optically clear adhesives, including acrylics, silicone, epoxy, etc.

The entire system offers portions on the process including fill dispensing, cover placement, Fluid-Flow Vision™, and full area cure in place. Sample products include: touch screen to LCD, cover glass to LCD, and more.

All Delta Bond series equipment use closed loop servo gantries. Fluid dispensing is precisely metered and supply systems utilize automated fluid preparation technology for the highest possible yields.

The Delta Bond System has two standard sizes, with custom sizing available. The small system is designed to accommodate displays up to 12” (~304 mm) at 16:9 aspect ratio. The large system is capable of handling 17” displays (~432 mm) at 16:9 aspect ratio.

The Delta Bond Series has many integrated features unique to PVA:

  • Patented Underside Dot Technology 
  • Fluid-Flow Vision System™ 
  • Cure in Place Technology (UV only) 
  • Exclusive PVA Portal Programming Interface