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Emergence PRO™

3D Printing Platform 

The Emergence PRO™ Multi-Platform 3D Printing System offers intuitive 3D printing and digital solutions across multiple industries. This innovative printing platform delivers quantifiable, adjustable, and reproducible results for your modern manufacturing needs. 

Emergence PRO™’s cutting-edge nanorobotic delivery system is equipped with a single extruder that can quickly print high-quality, durable, rigid or flexible devices. Ideal for rapid prototyping and tooling, it is a flexible yet affordable solution for those looking to augment their manufacturing process and mitigate design risks. 

The Emergence PRO™ 3D Printing System offers a variety of integrated features, including: 

  • Heated build platform with Precision Aluminum build plate and rigid metal frame
  • 5-inch touch interface with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Mesh bed leveling
  • Filament break detection
  • Front-loading, multi-roll enclosed material storage