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Stainless Steel – Front Closing Micro Dispense Valve, Micrometer

The FCM100 is ideal for any low viscosity underfill, encapsulant, conformal coating, and micro dot or bead dispensing project. The FCM100 “propels” precise shots or fluid streams onto a substrate resulting in accurate patterns at a high robot speed as no in process z-axis adjustments are required. The FCM100 is compatible with all PVA automated platforms.

The FCM100 has many integrated features including:

  • Interchangeable micro dispense nozzle ranging from 10-33 gauge, all stainless steel or ceramic construction 
  • Micrometer flow adjustment with lock ring 
  • inMOTION™ dispensing with no z-axis motion needed 
  • Highly repeatable dot size results in superior pattern definition 
  • Dot and continuous line dispensing profile capability 
  • Reduced nozzle fluid volume for clean and precise application of fluid 

Also available for purchase is the FCM100 Spare Parts Kit which includes all the necessary replacement parts for your valve.