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Fiducial Camera

PVA’s fiducial correction camera measures and offsets any deviations in a workpiece’s X, Y, and rotational position. This allows for increased accuracy and repeatability even when offsets and skew are incurred from process, transport, fixturing or clamping. 

The camera’s optics are designed to utilize standard etchings to ensure that coatings and masks are placed with repeatability on various substrates. The system is flexible enough to identify a multitude of features from holes in aluminum cast parts to corners of cover glass. The addition of the fiducial correction camera will ensure that material is placed with accuracy and repeatability regardless of the process or application. 

The fiducial camera has many integrated features including: 

  • X-Y and skew correction 
  • Standard multicolor coaxial light allows for six different wavelength options 
  • Flexible image processing and image analysis tools are end user configurable 

The fiducial camera option can be integrated onto any of PVA’s motion platforms. An onboard personal computer is required to display the resulting image.