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One Gallon Hydraulic Metering Pump

The PVA-1GPU one-gallon hydraulic metering pump is ideal for dispensing highly abrasive, highly viscous pastes and compounds packaged in one-gallon metal pails. The PVA-1GPU extrudes material from the pail rather than pumping it like a typical reciprocating pump. The extrusion process minimizes shear and maintains material integrity.

The PVA-1GPU operates as a hydraulic press. Material is extruded from the pail as a hydraulic intensifier pump forces a ram and follower plate into the container. An opening in the center of the follower plate allows material to flow out of the pump and into high-pressure material lines to be dispensed.

The PVA-1GPU has many integrated features including:

  • Hydraulic RAM pump with follower plate
  • Virtually pulseless flow resulting in consistent bead diameter
  • Only one moving pump component provides virtually maintenance-free operation
  • Low shear resulting in a homogeneous material supply
  • Hydraulic process eliminates the possibility of pump cavitation
  • Fully pneumatic operation