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PVA 20/20

Inspection System

The PVA 20/20 inspects large areas of coated PCBs quickly to assure quality during the conformal coating processes. The system seamlessly works inline with PVA conformal coating systems to inspect UV fluorescent material for intended coverage and keep out areas. Inspection during the production process ensures continued productivity, allows the function to be fully documented and provides product traceability.

The PVA 20/20 is flexible and easy to program. Total area scan times are approximately 10-20 seconds, depending on the resolution of the scan, thus providing expeditious inspection for quality assurance.

Additional options available for the PVA 20/20 Inspection System:

  • Auto width adjust conveyor
  • Adjustable scanner height
  • Barcode scanner and program select
  • Data logging
  • MES integration


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