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Radial Coat Valve

The RC200 Radial Coat Valve sprays low viscosity fluids onto the inside walls of a cylinder to create a layer of coating. It integrates PVA’s front closing valve technology, to start and stop fluid flow, with an air motor to spin the coating nozzle. The nozzle rotation uses centrifugal force to accurately propel the fluid directly onto the cylinder walls in a 360° pattern.

Interchangeable coating nozzles allow a wide range of fluids to be used in various size cylinders. A simple controlled motion in the vertical axis can be performed to coat wider areas of a cylinder. Fluids that can be sprayed with this technology include water, solvents, and low viscosity lubricants.

The RC200 has many integrated features including:

  • 360° of coating coverage inside a cylinder 
  • Fluid applied only to side walls of cylinder, not the bottom as an atomizing spray head would 
  • Greater fluid transfer efficiency using centrifugal force to transfer coating without atomizing air 
  • Vertical motion required to coat length of cylinders 
  • Valves can be mounted on 0.75 in centers for stacking multiple heads per industry standard 
  • Stainless steel fluid body for superior material compatibility 


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