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Syringe Dispense Valve

The SD100 dispense valve is designed as a simple tool to provide clean dispense on/off control for dispensing directly from syringes. The SD100 has a low-profile design utilizing a two position pneumatic actuator to control a disposable stopcock valve that is attached directly to the bottom of the syringe. No tools are needed to change out the static mixer or dispense valve, just loosen the mixer retainer and two thumb screws, and replace the mixer and shut off valve. A wide range of syringe sizes can be used and a robust holder will secure the syringe during high-speed operation.

The SD100 can be used with low to high viscosity fluids with a long or short pot life, even with fillers. Examples are grease, oil, RTV, epoxy, solder paste, encapsulant, and thermal interface materials.

The SD100 has many additional integrated features including:

  • Disposable material path
  • Standard luer lock outlet
  • Compatible with syringes up to 70 cc
  • Tool-less change out of fluid path
  • Two position pneumatic actuator
  • Optional low level sensor