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Shot Weight Scale PVA-SMT-LC

Shot Weight Scale

PVA’s in-cell shot weight scale option is used to confirm the flow rate of various dispense valves and is available on all PVA dispensing systems either as a standalone device or integrated into the valve station. Typical applications include underfill, encapsulation, solder paste, gasketing, and filling and the weigh scale can be used with PVA dispensing, jetting, and metering valves. 

The weight scale option is a useful tool to help maintain stable dispensing results due to various external influences to the process such as: fluid batch variation, dispense valve wear, viscosity changes, incorrect parameter settings, or clogged or damaged nozzles. When a measurement is taken the system will compare the value with the set target and tolerance previously defined by the user and will prompt for the operator to review if out of tolerance. Two scale capacities are available to provide the highest quality readings depending on the target application. 

PVA’s integrated shot weight scale has many integrated features including: 

  • Built in calibration 
  • Full PVA Portal integration 
  • Integrated breeze shield 
  • Configurable process limits for shot size verification 
  • Exceptional weighing technology combined with smooth adaptation