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Syringe Pump Dispenser

The SP100 is a syringe pump dispenser for linear positive displacement dispensing. This dispenser is optimal for encapsulant, adhesive, and thermal grease applications.

Tool-free disassembly and disposable wetted components make the SP100 the ideal dispenser for materials with a short pot life or abrasive fluids.

The syringe pump dispenser is equipped with a 5 cc metering chamber, gas-tight glass syringe, and stopcock shutoff. It can be integrated into PVA’s range of automation including the PVA350, Delta 6, Delta 8, and Flex Cell.

The SP100 has many integrated features including:

  • Closed loop servo control
  • Programmable shot size
  • Tool-free disassembly for cleaning
  • Disposable wetted components