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ST100S Digital Benchtop Syringe Controller


Digital Benchtop Syringe Controller

The ST100-S is a digital shot timer used for syringe dispensing. This compact controller is an economic and ergonomic solution for improving the waste, inaccuracies, and clean up associated with many manual processes. The ST100-S is ideal for chemistries packaged in syringes such as solder paste, UV adhesives, and masking material.

The ST100-S has many integrated features including:

  • Digital timer with LED display and 0.001 – 99.99 second time range 
  • Manual, timed, or teach modes 
  • Adjustable analog vacuum suck-back for clean cycle stops 
  • Integrated pressure control 
  • Electric foot pedal and power cord 
  • Built in regulator and gauge 
  • Sample PVA needle tips / 30 cc syringe and air cap 
  • 9-pin serial port connection