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Servo Controlled Auger Valve

The SVX auger valve is designed for processing micro volumes of material in precise, repeatable patterns. The auger rotation is controlled by a brushless servo motor with a programmable encoder providing 57,000 counts per revolution for a highly controlled process.

The SVX is ideal for dispensing all medium to high viscosity pastes, epoxies, and abrasive compounds in dot and bead patterns. The SVX can dispense dots as small as 0.005 in diameter.

The SVX has many integrated features including:

  • Fixed or floating dispense tip with footed needle
  • Virtually frictionless operation as auger and cartridge are constructed of carbide 
  • Quick release button releases pump from mounting bracket for quick maintenance and storage 
  • Selectable auger from shallow to deep cut design 
  • Removable cartridge and auger for easy cleaning and storage 
  • Software controlled dispense rate and shot size 


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