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Open Top Enclosure Designs: PVA Pro Tip #11

PVA Pro Tip #11: Achieving Air-Free Potting: Design Considerations

Maximizing Throughput

Many potting applications utilize a two-component chemistry that is metered, mixed, and dispensed into an electronics assembly. In an open top enclosure design, the potting compound can simply be dispensed from a single location.  The chemistry flows around all necessary components before self-leveling at the top of the enclosure. 

As designs add density that obstruct the potted areas, it may be necessary to dispense through small open areas such as holes in circuit boards.  Potting cycle times are often a result of how quickly a part design can accept the chemistry without entrapping air and producing bubbles.  Open areas that allow air to escape coupled with a low viscosity fluid will help you optimize throughput. 

PVA’s Endurance metering systems and process options are a perfect fit that can be customized to your application. Contact PVA today if you’re interested and let us help make you a pro.