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Dispensing Metering Module

PVA’s Endurance dispensing package bundles multiple dispensing and pumping technologies into one complete and versatile solution. With a variety of available pumping systems and valve applicators, Endurance can be designed to meet your specific dispensing needs.

The dispensing control system on Endurance can be configured to operate as a standalone manual application or fixed valve application with a manual push button or foot pedal activation. It can also be integrated with a PVA automation workcell or with a customer provided automation system.

Endurance’s closed loop servo drive allows you to program a number of functions through a menu-driven HMI. Functions include shot size, mix ratio, flow rate, pressure control, auto purge, low material detection/warning, material color sensor, and vacuum degas.

The Endurance package provides a solution for a variety of applications including potting, gap filling, mold filling, bonding, gasketing, dosing and mixing, as well as dynamic mixing.