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Benchtop Dispense System

This complete manual dispense system is used for applications requiring a fixed dispense nozzle above a bench where a part can be positioned underneath the dispense tip to apply a fluid. It utilizes the FC100 front closing dispense valve mounted on an adjustable arm stand with weighted base and activated via foot pedal of the ST100 valve controller. The valve controller can be set in Manual mode to apply fluid for the duration the foot pedal is pressed or Timed mode for single pulse repeatable volumes.

Supplied with a 90° luer lock fitting, standard syringes of fluid can be threaded directly to the inlet of the valve.

Complete systems are supplied with all necessary fluid and air fittings and tubing (6 ft) to operate out of the box.

The FC100-SYR-1-S has many additional integrated features including:

  • Ability to dispense low volume UV curable adhesives and epoxies
  • Foot pedal activation
  • Optional I/O cable for remote activation and air caps for 3, 5, 10 & 30 cc syringes

Also available for purchase is the FC100 Spare Parts Kit which includes all the necessary replacement parts for your valve.