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FCS300-R-2LT-H Handheld Coating System


Handheld Coating System 

This complete manual spray system is typically used for handheld conformal coating applications. It utilizes the FCS300 spray valve mounted to a pneumatic trigger handle for simple activation and accurate control of the atomized fluid. 

Supplied with a 2-liter pressure tank, it can hold most industry standard 1-liter bottles, eliminating the need to pour fluid into a tan which can introduce moisture and air. 

Complete systems are supplied with all necessary fluid and air fittings and tubing to run out of the box. 

Applications & Features: 

  • Manual conformal coating system for PCBs 
  • Low volume, low pressure atomized spray valve 
  • 0-15 psi precision atomizing air regulator 
  • Hand trigger activation 

Optional Equipment: 

  • PV106-Svalve stand with purge cup 
  • FX800fume extraction system