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Micro Dispense Nozzles

PVA offers a variety of micro dispense nozzles available in stainless steel or ceramic to handle various material chemistries and flow rates. These nozzles are utilized in applications requiring precise control when applying small dots or beads and can apply many low viscosity fluids with a non-contact method. 

Features of this nozzle include a reduced fluid volume and precision chamfer at the outlet. As compared to standard luer lock needles which have a hub which holds a volume of fluid, this nozzle allows fluid to flow directly into the cannula, reducing volume and back pressure. The precision chamfer at the end of the tip allows for a much cleaner break of fluid and eliminating buildup on the tip and wicking up the side that can be seen with blunt end needle cannulas. For specific materials, the reduced surface tension of ceramic nozzles can provide improved results over the stainless-steel nozzles. 

Micro Dispense Nozzles are used in the following valves: 

Stainless steel nozzles are available with longer, custom length canulas. Please contact PVA for availability.