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Positive Displacement Dispense Valve with Micro Dispense Nozzle Outlet

The MV250 Positive Displacement Valve is a true positive displacement metering valve capable of dispensing small volumes of material for applications requiring a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Dispense volumes are determined by the valve’s micrometer adjustment setting which regulates the travel of the displacement rod.

The benefit of using positive displacement technology is the dispense volumes cannot be altered by variations in viscosity or material pressure thus eliminating variables that can alter a process. And, with a lightweight, slim design, the MV250 can be integrated into manual dispense systems or fully automated platforms. PVA’s micro dispense nozzles use a precision taper to eliminate fluid buildup on the tip (typically seen with blunt end nozzles) for improved transfer efficiency. Low viscosity fluids can also be dispensed, in a non-contact mode, due to their reduced surface tension.

The MV250 has many integrated features including:

  • 0.0001 cc to 0.0120 cc shot volume per cycle 
  • True positive (rod) displacement metering action 
  • Adjustable micrometer permits shot size modification 
  • Divorced design prevents material contamination to the air section 
  • Precision inlet and outlet check valves provide precise metering 
  • Longer seal life with new O-ring & packing design 
  • Stainless steel fluid section for optimum material compatibility 
  • Bleed ports on fluid section for purging 
  • Micro dispense nozzles are available in stainless steel or ceramic

Also available for purchase is the MV250 Spare Parts Kit which includes all the necessary replacement parts for your valve.


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