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Positive Displacement Dispensing Valve

The MV600 is a true rod displacement metering valve designed to dispense high viscosity fluids in applications requiring the highest degree of accuracy and repeatability. Dispense volumes are determined by the micrometer setting which regulates the travel of the displacement rod and volumes will not be altered by variations in viscosity, temperature, or material pressure.

Carbide Rods 

Used to resist wear against aggressive fillers found in fluids such as epoxies, potting compounds, gap fillers, thermally conductive pastes, and electrically conductive compounds.  

All Stainless Steel 

Used for less aggressive fluids without fillers such as RTV, silicone, sealants, adhesives, gels, and pastes.  

The MV600 has many integrated features including: 

  • Dual air cylinder generates higher pressure for faster dispense time of high viscosity fluids 
  • Single air cylinder for refill assist increases refill time for high viscosity fluids 
  • Adjustable suck back feature on valve outlet eliminates stringing of high viscosity fluids 
  • Optional limit sensors for “ready to dispense” and “dispense complete” feedback
  • Compatible with all Luer-Lok™ needle tip designs 


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