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ES Ultra Fine

Ultra-Fine Extended Spray Valve

The ES Ultra Fine extended spray valve provides ultimate pattern control for narrow line spraying. With improved edge definition for spray applications requiring high precision, extremely clean and defined lines can be sprayed down to 2 mm wide while maintaining industry standard film thicknesses.

The ES Ultra Fine can achieve edge definition of ±1 mm with a 99% transfer efficiency. This precise functionality significantly reduces overspray and allows for tight adherence to keep-out zones. It also features a micrometer flow adjustment that allows you to quickly and easily fine-tune your conformal coating process.

The ES Ultra Fine offers a variety of integrated features, including:

  • 300 series stainless steel fluid body for superior material compatibility 
  • Small diameter extension for access close to components 
  • Same mounting pattern as existing ES Series valves 
  • Can replace traditional jet or needle dispense valves used for detailing 
  • Divorced valve design prevents material contamination of the air section 

Also available for purchase is the FCS300-ES-UF Spare Parts Kit which includes all the necessary replacement parts for your valve.