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PathMaster® is PVA’s proprietary Windows®-based programming software for use on all PVA automated robots. PathMaster’s easy to read menu screens and pop-up boxes allow operators to build even the most complex programs in only minutes. This flexible programming tool is versatile enough to satisfy all dispensing operations including dot, bead, and spray coating applications.

The software uses fiducials to make sure the part to be dispensed on is correctly installed in the work area. The fiducial function will not only inspect the fiducial A or B to correct for the translational (X and Y), it will also inspect the rotational offset (skew) of the PCB. The fiducial function locates the center of the fiducial on the PCB and calculates the translational correction to be applied to the path program. Skew correction is accomplished with PathMaster® using a combination of fiducial functions.

PathMaster® is standard with any PVA coating and dispensing system and has many integrated features including:

  • Windows® interface design increases programming simplicity
  • FastPath™ offline programming software
  • FastMask™ area coat programming
  • Language support buttons in English, Spanish, French, German and Mandarin
  • Skew correction for increased process control
  • Fiducial commands for X and Y
  • 3D polyline for continuous dispensing of gasketing and other materials
  • Optimized selective coating area functionality for faster programming and improved throughput
  • Line by line editing capability
  • Array building feature allows copying of a program to multiple start points
  • Wet, dry and camera program playback mode
  • Three-dimensional path previews