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Smooth Flow Nozzles

Smooth Flow Nozzles

PVA offers a variety of smooth flow nozzles to handle various material chemistries and flow rates. The tapered design allows for a smooth transition of fluid through the dispense nozzle, eliminating back pressure, while providing a straight orifice for fluid to exit. The design is beneficial for controlling highly compressible fluids and reducing the separation (buildup) of solid particles in heavily filled materials.  

Standard smooth flow nozzles are available with a color coded polypropylene luer lock hub to easily identify the variety of gauge sizes.  

To reduce cost, metal cores only are also available, without the plastic hub. A reusable threaded metal luer lock hub is available to hold the cores onto a male luer thread. 

Upon request, nozzles can be available with custom surface coatings to improve fluid compatibility and reduce surface tension.