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Discover a comprehensive range of products and automated systems designed to meet your potting application needs across various industries.

PVA’s fleet of automated dispensing machines are equipped to handle your toughest potting application. We offer a range of options that will satisfy any manufacturing process including benchtop robots such as the PVA350 and Sigma as well as our flagship Delta 6 and Delta 8 automated robots.

Our diverse selection of potting valves including two-component valves for Meter Mix applications such as the PC200 and PDP. The Endurance dispensing metering module offers a variety of pumps for two-part applications and pairs well with our plural component valves.

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What is Potting?

Potting is the process of filling an enclosure with liquid material that, when cured, will completely encase the electronic circuitry inside the unit. By surrounding components in a potting material, they are sealed from potentially harmful external contaminants such as water or corrosive materials.

When to Use Potting

This process is ideal for components that are mounted within a pot or shell and require additional shock and vibration resistance.

Benefits of Electronic Potting

Electronic potting increases mechanical stability by completely encapsulating your electronic assembly, making it resistant to moisture, high shock, vibration, and foreign contaminants.


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