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Manual Conformal Coating System

This complete manual conformal system combines one FCS300 atomized spray valve to apply fluid over a large area and one FC100 needle style dispense valve for detailed application of beads close to keep out areas. Both applicator technologies are typically used in an automated conformal coating machines to achieve the best results. Each valve is mounted to a pneumatic trigger handle to independently activate the spray or dispense, making it easy for the operator to switch between application methods.

Supplied with a 2-gallon stainless steel pressure tank, compatible fluids can be poured into the tank through the oval opening in the lid, which will supply fluid to both valves.

Complete systems are supplied with all necessary fluid and air fittings and tubing (6 ft) to operate out of the box.

The MCCS-SYS-1 has many additional integrated features including:

  • Low volume, low pressure atomized spray valve for manual conformal coating of PCBs
  • Dispense valve with outlet for luer lock needles
  • Hand trigger activation

Also available for purchase are the FCS300-R Spare Parts Kit and the FC100 Spare Parts Kit which include all the necessary replacement parts for your valves.