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Discover a comprehensive range of products and automated systems designed to meet your Thermal Interface Materials needs across various industries.

PVA’s fleet of automated dispensing machines are equipped to handle your toughest thermal interface materials application. We offer a range of options that will satisfy any manufacturing process including benchtop robots such as the PVA350 and Sigma as well as our flagship Delta 6 and Delta 8 automated robots.

Our diverse selection of Thermal Interface Material valves and dispensers include metered piston dispensers such as MR2 and valves such as the PDP and PCP. The PVA-1GPU dispensing metering pump is ideal for dispensing highly abrasive, highly viscous pastes and compounds packaged in one-gallon metal pails.

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What is a Thermal Interface Material?

A thermal interface material (“TIM”) fills gaps between mating surfaces with a substance that improves thermal conductivity beyond the air that would have otherwise filled that gap.

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When to Use TIM

Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) are used to improve distribution of heat between integrated components and heat dissipating devices. TIM materials fill nano-sized imperfections caused by machining processes. These nano-sized gaps can decrease the thermal conductivity between two surfaces when only air is present. TIM materials come in a wide variety of chemistries depending on the needs of a component. Thermal grease and semi-adhesive TIM materials improve the reliability of integrated components and heat sinks.

Close up of FCS300-TIM

Benefits of TIM

Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) offer a multitude of benefits for electronic devices and components. By utilizing TIM, components experience increased longevity, as the material enhances heat sink effectiveness and heat displacement, thereby ensuring optimal operating temperatures. This not only improves component reliability but also extends their lifespan. Moreover, TIM provides versatility with its wide range of viscosities, accommodating various thermal management needs. Additionally, TIM efficiently fills large component gaps, ensuring seamless thermal conductivity throughout the system, ultimately enhancing overall performance and reliability.


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