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Discover a comprehensive range of products and automated systems designed to meet your gasketing needs across various industries.

PVA’s fleet of automated dispensing machines are equipped to handle your toughest gasketing application. We offer a range of options that will satisfy any manufacturing process including benchtop robots such as the PVA350 and Sigma as well as our flagship Delta 6 and Delta 8 automated robots.

Our diverse selection of gasketing valves and dispensers include bi-pack cartridge dispensers such as the BP50 and valves such as the PDP and PCP. The CP Series Pumps are ideal for dispensing medium to high viscosity materials pre-packaged in cartridges that require high flow rates than available with air pressure alone. 

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What is Gasketing?

Also known as “form-in-place gasketing,” this application dispenses one or two-part liquids into a groove or onto a flange that will cure to form a seal against liquids and gases. This automated process eliminates the task of assembling a die cut or pre-made gasket. Additionally, geometries can easily be modified for other designs.

When to Use Gasketing

Using a gasketing process is ideal for components that require a reliable seal from external contaminants such as water, temperature, debris, and UV.

Utilizing a FIP gasket process is ideal for components with complex designs. Using a dispensing machine to install a gasket significantly decreases assembly time and reduces wasted material.

Benefits of Gasketing

Form-in-place gasketing offers a multitude of advantages that enhance both performance and efficiency. By providing improved component durability, these gaskets ensure long-lasting protection and reliability. Their resistance to water and foreign contaminants makes them ideal for various applications, safeguarding components from potential damage. The adaptability of form-in-place gasketing allows for seamless integration with complex component geometries, while their resilience to temperature and UV exposure ensures consistent performance under diverse environmental conditions. Additionally, this method significantly decreases component assembly time and reduces overall install time, leading to increased productivity and cost savings.


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