High Performance, Low Maintenance

Simplify your process with PVA’s line of meter mix dispensing pumps and systems.

PVA offers a range of meter mix dispensing pumps designed to meet the needs of your application along with the chemistry and viscosity of your material.

Meter Mix Pumps and Systems for Your Most Demanding Solution

Each product in the PVA suite of meter mix pumps can be tailored to your solution. Our pumps include the Servo Piston Pump, Servo Cartridge Pump, Servo Gear Pump, and Progressive Cavity Pump. Additionally, we offer automated dispensing systems including our Endurance Cart and Servo Metering Rod System.

Engineered for Every Application & Chemistry

Our precision pumps have been uniquely engineered to accommodate various applications including dispensing, gasketing, potting, and thermal interface materials. We offer solutions for your most demanding two-component dispensing applications.

Discuss options for your meter mix process with a PVA expert.

Which Meter Mix Product is Right For You?

Learn more about PVA’s line of meter mix dispensing pumps and systems below.






Independent Servo Drives (Variable Ratio)
Material Directly from Linear Drive
SEMCO Cartridge Assemblies
20 oz and 32 oz Cartridge Options
Independent Servo Drives (Variable Ratio)
Independent Servo Drives (Variable Ratio)
Positive Displacement Meter
Servo Controlled Rotor
Independent Servo Drives (Variable Ratio)
Ideal for Moisture Sensitive Fluids
Works Well with All Materials
Unfilled or Lightly Filled Fluid Dispensing Applications with Ranging Viscosities
Works Well with a Wide Range of Viscous Chemistries
Works Well with Most All Materials Regardless of Viscosity or Ratio
Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)
Single or Two-Component Meter Mix Applications
Single or Two-Component Meter Mix Applications
Demanding Two Component Dispensing Applications
Two Component Dispensing Applications
Special Notes
Commonly Used with Low-Medium Viscosity Where Continuous Flow isn’t Required
Ideal for Thermal Conductive Adhesives with Aggressive Fillers
Not Ideal for Materials with Aggressive or High Concentration of Filler Materials
Carbide Rotor Available for Extended Life When Processing Filled or Abrasive Chemistries
Ideal for Two-Component Materials with Abrasive Fillers
Features & Benefits
Long Service Life Under Adverse Conditions
No Contact with Atmosphere Keeps Seals Lubricated and Free from Material Crystallization
No Moving Components or Seals
Low Maintenance
Disposable and Maintenance Free
Near 100% Volumetric Efficiency
Precise Dispensing in a Wide Variety of Shot Volumes and Flow Rates
Engineered to Match Ratio for Improved Resolution to Optimize Ratio Repeatability
Superior Volumetric Accuracy
Drip-Free Operation
Less Moving Parts, Less Maintenance
Mix at the Nozzle Technology
Five Rotor Sizes
Fully Programmable Servo Metering Rod
Rod Pump Technology
Eliminates Scrubbing


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